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Was so glad to find this. When did you gals feel comfortable washing with gentle soap and water? I'm in my second week PP and trying to stay on top of healing with witch hazel soaks, but I was wondering when I can start washing up in the shower.
Just starting to experiment with sling use around the house and Shelley, your experience is so heartening! I feel like I'm not yet 100% comfortable with it yet.   I also had some bad tearing and it just is driving me insane. Stairs are still my enemy.   re: cuddling....I KNOW. Some days I'll look at DH and realize that we haven't kissed or held each other at all that day and I'm like, GET IN MY ARMS YOU BIG LUG. So easy to forget and so important to have. And...
Heron will sleep in it during the day but at night he is all fuss if he's not in bed with me. DH is all about it, but bed-sharing still makes me nervous even though I've jumped on board.  
I just got the side-nursing position down last night and it made a huge difference. I just felt like I couldn't get him to latch right in the position (and had two nipple hickeys to prove it) but something clicked and I am soooo into it.   Did anyone else buy a co-sleeper bassinet only to find that they use it to store extra pillows and blankets now? Dude went into bed with me after the first night.  
Baby Heron weighed in at 11lbs 8oz today. That's a one pound increase from birth. What a bruiser.   He is doing splendidly, but I am feeling so discouraged about ever feeling normal again. Other mamas have lots of good, encouraging words but I am so tired of feeling like I'll never be able to go for walks comfortably or be able to stop wearing pads. I'm also feeling less confident about DH going back to work next week and being able to do things out of the house...
Thank you for sharing this. So, so beautiful.  
I think of you daily as well. You are a marvel.  
4 days out from a surprisingly happy 12 hour labor of a 10lb, 8oz baby. 2nd degree tear and some peri-urethral tears after delivering a baby WAY BIGGER than I or anyone else anticipated. We had a nurse home visit yesterday and she said everything is healing up beautifully, but maaan do I still feel like garbage. It's just hard to be aching to take walks with the boy or just even be able to go downstairs to get myself a cup of tea.   Can I expect to feel a little less...
Heron with big brother Rowan. I said to Rowan, don't you think you might scare the baby? "No! He doesn't think it is scary, he thinks it is very cool."   Face I love the most.
Heron was born yesterday on 4/28, clocking in at a whopping 10lbs 8 oz. I am stupid with love.  
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