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I'm thinking of re-phrasing the Lord of the Rings line as a personal mantra: a baby is never early, nor is he late; he arrives precisely when he means to.  
Still pregnant over here, 40 + 1. Due dates come and go but discomfort is forever.
Went in for BP monitoring (everything was cool! yay!) and the midwife noticed that my contractions were registering at around 6 minutes apart. Hoping this means the real deal is nearby.   Of course, we're expecting a freak snow storm tonight with ice and six inches of snow....so I'll probably go into labor.  
Definitely feeling the contractions ramping up (I've had contractions since 20 weeks, so I knew they would never be a reliable indicator) but today (and gross, sure) but I am barely able to leave the bathroom. Hoping this intestinal distress is a harbinger of coming labor signs because I am done done done.    
Hey gals, I've been quiet on the board here because I was trying to keep myself distracted from completely obsessing over labor signs. I went in for my 39 week appointment yesterday and my usually very low BP topped out at 152/86. No protein in urine, but I have to go in for another BP check tomorrow. If it's still high, I'll be sent to the hopsital for the pre-eclampsia work up. I'm a wreck. Anyone else had a random high BP reading that ended up being a fluke? I'm...
OMG I LOVE BABIES. Coraline is stunning (omg that little dress) and Tavian looks like such a serious young man already. Violet & big brother are seriously giving me the misty eyes.   Keep 'em coming, ladies. I know where I'll be for the next 10 or so days.
I'd been feeling like I was getting hiccups down low, and when I went in for our ultrasound on Monday he was, in fact, head-down! It's nice to trust this process and take a deep breath once in a while. (Also the tech said he has a ton of hair and showed us some of his little fat rolls and I just about DIED).
  This is our shared boy's room: tiny and awesome. Bambino will be with us for probably 6-8 months so right now the crib mostly functions as a cat bed.
Breech here at 35 weeks. Just had an awesome conversation with a woman whose baby didn't turn head-down until her water broke at 42 weeks (first-timer.) I was feeling so anxious/defeatist and then I thought, hey! most of these bambinos end up exactly how they're supposed to!
35 weeks + 3 days. Yesterday a woman stopped me on the street and exclaimed: "Wow, that is such a boy you are carrying,"
New Posts  All Forums: