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First: I totally know where you are. A like-minded pal suggested a “Speculation Jar” for pregnancy: throw a dollar in each time you start to obsess over health concerns for yourself or the baby. I go through crushing phases of worrying that I have toxemia or worrying that the baby will have some rare genetic disorder that I just read about on the internet.   The best advice is to get off the internet. No more googling symptoms. It just makes things worse. One time, I...
  28 weeks and enjoying winter sunshine
32 weeks!          
seriously yall: i use the self-timer on my camera without shame. I set up the most ridiculous station every week to take my belly shot and then dismantle it before anyone else sees what I go through to get a picture.
  31 weeks: oops, you can see my undies. sorry!
Hey, I'm Rachel. I've been long admiring your beautiful pictures and wanted to start by introducing myself.   Both my mom and my sister are struggling addicts. My sister, in particular, battles addictions to heroin and crack and I know how terrible and vicious those drugs are. There is no pain quite like wanting something for someone who doesn't want it for themselves, the pain of watching someone destroy themselves.   I will say that, over the years of trying to...
This is also my first time around so I am sooo grateful you made this thread!
28 weeks! Are we almost all in the third trimester now? Holy smokes.
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