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Oh man!! Way to play with my emotions! Baby dust to you for next month! *~*~*~*~*~
Oh my gosh!!! ::squee!!!!:: I am so excited to see you here!! Congrats!!
Julie, I love hypnobabies!!
I"m right there with ya!  I look SUPER pregnant already at 6.5 weeks.  It's my 4th baby (6th pregnancy) so my uterus is "primed" haha, but it doesn't help that I wanted to keep the news a secret a little longer... 
lol, well, I attend births... so... birthy fluids. haha.  
I keep a cliff bar in my pocket. That's the thing about being a nurse-- you can't just pop things in your mouth because you are usually covered in body fluids, haha. I do a full scrub to my elbows before I eat anything. I am constantly drinking to stay hydrated, too.
That's how I was with my first two.  My nausea didn't start until about 6- 6.5 weeks and then it was super mild.  :)   You may just be one of the "lucky ones."       Even with this one, I felt nauseous really early, but it is still mild compared to most, and I never throw up, so I'm taking that and running with it!  
Yes, me!  My nausea progressively gets worse through the day.  I know that if I eat, I'll feel better, but I feel like my digestion has slowed down so I am bloated and uncomfortable and don't want to eat.  Oh, the daily dilemma!   It is tough, because I work second shift as a nurse and by the end of my shift, I feel really yucky.  I don't get adequate time for breaks at work a lot of the time and I am always running, so I am starving, nauseous, and exhausted when I come...
Yeah, me too. I have had a severely retroverted and retroflexed uterus since my first birth (cesarean). It stinks having to wait to hear the heartbeat, esp with a hx of mc!
well, I'm 6.5 weeks, and so far, so good.  No real breast tenderness and, although my milk supply has dipped a little, she is still nursing frequently through the day.  This is my 6th pregnancy and I nursed through all except the first one (of course), but my babies always previously easily weaned between 8 and 12 weeks.  I've never nursed passed the 12 week mark (but those babies were older to start).  So... in a few months, we'll be in all new territory!  I am an IBCLC...
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