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Spughy and writer-- I can so relate.  I repeatedly said to DH in between ctx, "mark my words, I am never doing this again!"  I had as "perfect" of a birth this time as possible, but man, was I relieved to be done!  After my older daughter was born, I had a huge surge of endorphins and literally felt like I was on drugs, it was awesome.  While I was super happy to meet my baby this time, I definitely didn't get my "natural drugs" this time!  What the?!  Haha.  It's...
Praying for a quick and efficient birth, firespiritmelody!
Yay, Tear!  That's great news!  My midwife stripped my membranes Thursday night and I was labor Friday late afternoon!  I am so happy that they are going to work with you!  My first VBAC baby was 9lb 8 oz and they thought she was 10lb 5oz the day before she was born.  You got this, girl!  Praying for you tonight and I can't wait to hear your good news!
Oops, Double post!  
Oh my goodness you guys!  I so wish we were all in the same room together, eating chocolates, passing tissues to each other and giving huge hugs!     My first birth was also rather traumatic... Induction turned c/s after 3 hours of pushing.  I also felt manipulated and totally out of control.  I struggled so hard to come to terms with everything.   Then, my third and fourth pregnancies ended in miscarriage and it was really hard to conceive my rainbow (Shiloh)....
  I know you mentioned this on fb, but I cant believe how similar our stats are!  Our babies have the same birthday, almost the same weight and length, both born at home, and my active labor was only 4 hours, too!  Etienne and Shiloh should be friends.  :)
Scruffy!  Nate is sooo beautiful!!    Thank you everyone!  My friend took like 300 pictures at our birth!  It was awesome to go through and see all the love and support that surrounded me as I was in labor land! I will try to write up the birth story tomorrow.  My home water VBAC rainbow baby!  Haha!  The perfect end to my "reproductive career."  :)
ha, I do this, too!  :)
    Such an amazing experience!
I didn't lose my plug or have any show until an hour before I delivered last night!  
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