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6 weeks and already getting hard to hide the bump.  I'm thinking we'll need to announce this weekend while our family is together for Easter.  Pardon the messiness-- 3 young kids and one TIRED mama.  (I've been falling asleep on the couch every night that I'm not working at 8 pm.  I'm sleeping 11-12 hours and it is not enough!  This little sesame seed is really sapping my energy!)  
Hey mamas!!     Last day of school before spring break.  It was a beautiful weekend, but I worked Sat and Sun and my son is in school today.  Tomorrow is his first day of break and it is supposed to SNOW!!!  It won't be nice again until Thursday, and I work on Thursday.  Boo.     I just asked a coworker of mine (a natural birth friendly L&D nurse) if she would want to be at my birth and she was super excited.  It felt good to share my news with someone!!  So far, none...
I always have a cup a day (in all of my pregnancies, too.).
I'm in my 20's. . I'm 29 and this is #4 and last for us
After my first birth, I swore to myself that I would never make healthcare decisions based solely on finances again.  I switched from an independent midwifery practice to a health clinic because I was on medicaid and it was free.... well... I wound up with an unnecessary induction that I felt manipulated into having that turned into a cesarean.  $20,000.... I didn't have to pay a penny.  But I wound up with postpartum depression and a scarred uterus.  Not worth it.  :(...
Willsmomm, I am so sorry for your loss!  We will miss you.  Be gentle to yourself and give yourself some space to grieve.         LilyTiger, praying for peace and reassurance for you and that the bleeding is done for good!!
Ok, ladies, I know it is a little early, but here is our Belly Thread for when you want to have at it!  :)   Share belly shots of your growing bump.   I'll try to share one later this week.  It is so fun to see how different everyone is and to see everyone growing (and growing and growing!).   
Welcome, heather! Wow, a bandl's ring! I would love to hear your birth story if you feel like sharing some time! Have you heard about gentle/family centered cesarean? They are really beautiful! I am a nursery nurse and it is amazing to get a baby skin to skin with mama immediately after a cesarean birth-- it is so emotional!
I've lost 3 lbs this week....   :/
Willsmom:   Your fourth baby is a miracle baby!!!  Wow, what a story with the velamentous cord and the SCH!  
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