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Sunshine-- I just found out that yet ANOTHER friend in real life that was due a week after us just had her baby this morning!! Ah!  Babies everywhere!  I am so not ready!!  
LOL at the "spice it up" comment!  Trying to think of something... But I got nada!   one of the positives of peeing all time is that I have a newly potty trained toddler.  Having to go all the time is a good reminder to sit her on the potty often, haha.  :)
Welcome!  The grammar comment made me giggle.  :)   Do you know if you are having a boy or girl?  When is your due date?  What are you planning for your labor and delivery?  Tell us more about yourself!  
I haven't had time to read through the boards today, but just wanted to share that it's been a great day so far!  It's my birthday today (28 years young haha) and I get to share it with VeganYogaMomma's baby girl and JodieAnne Anton's baby boy AND my friend in real life also had her baby today!!!     This  makes me giddy with excitement!       I took my kids to the mall today, and my son REALLY REALLY wanted to get these fake mustaches at urban outfitters....
8 lbs even for Jodie's little boy!
Jodie had a baby boy at 2:14pm! Surprise footling breech at home! Nursing like a champ!!!
JodieAnne Anton's contractions are now 3-5 minutes apart and intense.  Things are picking up!  Baby is in a great position for birth!  YAY!  Keep those ELVs coming, ladies!  
WOW!!!!  Our FIRST BABY!!!!  Congrats, VYM!!!!  
Jodie, this was the best way ever to wake up! A text telling me your baby is on its way!!! YAY!   Jodie's water broke and contractions starting slowly.  She is happy she got good sleep last night.  :)   She's not quite 38 weeks, so this is quite the shock!     Much love to you-- Jodie and VeganYogaMomma!!  Praying for quick, comfortable, natural labors for both of you!!   February 20th is a great birthday... It's my birthday, too.  :)  Happy to share with...
I'm not anywhere near giving birth yet (only 36 weeks), but tonight, every time I sit up or stand up, I start contracting nonstop.  It only stops when I lay down for a while.  This is getting very annoying!!!!
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