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 Where do you teach?  My sister is in grad school at Brockport.
Since so many of us have had previous losses, I thought it would be nice to have a safe place to talk about any thoughts and feelings involved in pregnancy after a perinatal loss.    
My nursling is 12 months old and I really like to nurse until 2, so it looks like I'll be trying to nurse throughout pregnancy and tandeming.  I have never done this before; in the past I've weaned babies in the first trimester of pregnancy.   Anyone nurse through pregnancy before?  Any tips?
Just north of Buffalo.  My sister is in Rochester.  :)  
I have had mild nausea, too, for a solid week (I'm 5 weeks today). Not enough to throw up, but enough to feel lousy. I'm also exhausted!
Not so hilarious, but I totally flaked and missed taking my kids to a birthday party we had RSVP'd too yesterday. It was one of those expensive martial arts demonstration ones and two of my kids were invited. I feel terrible and apologized profusely to the mom. I wish I could tell her WHY I flaked! Totally pregnancy brain!!
I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope your appointment with your naturopath will yield some good answers/ideas about where to go from here. Much love to you!
I know some other due date clubs have had "fitness accountability threads" where people could share.
Any updates?
Anna, any news?
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