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Continuing in the "getting to know you" phase of our DDC:   What are you hobbies / special interests / careers / future ambitions /  etc.?     I am a registered nurse working in a hospital nursery and attend births to take care of newborns in the delivery room.  I am also an IBCLC.  I have three kiddos and we are planning on homeschooling for the first time next year.  We decided this BEFORE we got our surprise BFP, so we'll see how that goes!  haha.  I am also active...
Hello mamas!  Let's ROLL CALL!     Please leave a comment below to introduce yourself and I'll keep a roster updated (as best I can!) with all of our info to refer back to!  We can update it with gender when/if we find out!     Welcome to the Due Date Club!!!         a suggestion of things to include would be..... EDD (feel free to use 1st or 2nd half if you prefer) Your Name: (if you would like to share) Age: State or Country: How long it took to you to get...
Waterbirth is the BEST!!! So relaxing and no ring of fire!!
Birth centers are great! Are you interested in waterbirth?
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We live a fairly "clean" lifestyle. Our grocery budget is as high as our mortgage because we value whole and organic foods... Although I told DH to pick up a chicken finger sub for dinner tonight! Haha, those darn cravings! I wear very little makeup and we use homemade cleaners. Biokleen for laundry and say yes to carrots for shampoo/conditioner.
Dmariev and Anna, please post back when you get home from your appts!
I haven't told my MW yet. She is a friend of mine and I know she will chide me for not waiting longer between pregnancies. (Youngest is 12 months). Surprise! I am a nurse and my insurance is a preferred hospital network type insurance. If my care is through my hospital system, it is FREE (no copays at all). Guess who all the independent midwives for birth center and homebirth are aligned with? Yep, the OTHER local hospital system! So I have a feeling insurance...
Happy birthday! I got pregnant on Saint Patrick's day, haha.I am 29 (I'll turn 30 after baby is born). This is my fourth and last... All babies before I turn 30. Just squeezing it in with a month to spare.(I was 23 with my first.)
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