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http://www.mothering.com/community/a/abbreviations-and-acronyms   Here's the list to the abbreviations!!!
DD: Darling (or Dear) Daughter DS: Darling Son DH: Darling Husband   There is a whole list that a mama made up of all our acronyms that I'll find the link to for you!  (It can be a little overwhelming!  haha).   Some others:  FWIW: For what it's worth OTOH: On the other hand AFM: As for me      You'll get it in no time!  And Welcome to Mothering!!  :)
Welcome!!  Mothering is such a fun place to be when you are pregnant!  I would really recommend joining the December Due Date Club-- you'll find a lot of like-minded supportive mamas due the same month there!  I just had a baby in March and my due date club was AMAZING.  We are all such good friends now.     I hope you enjoy your pregnancy and have that awesome unmedicated birth!   I have had two natural deliveries, and while labor is a lot of hard work, it is...
congratulations!!!~~~   I had a c-sec after 3 hours of pushing (it was an emergency, so they moved quick... I'm sure I had some tearing.. they even had to push the baby back up into my abdomen from below (vaginally) because he was so wedged in my pelvis.  I went on to have two natural complication free VBACs.  :)
shared with friends!  
I liked the tip to create a sanctuary.  I've been trying to do that!  Things have been pretty chaotic at home since the birth of baby # 3 six weeks ago and I love being able to retreat to my clean bedroom.   The "wonder board" is a neat idea.     We are going to hang up a clothes line this summer to line dry clothes!
I didn't have GD, but had a history of big babies who needed supplementation for hypoglycemia shortly after birth.  Prior to the birth of my third baby 6 weeks ago, I pumped a little bit to save for supplementation after my homebirth if I thought it necessary.  ( I'm a newborn nurse and IBCLC).  To my surprise and delight, after only 5 minutes of pumping at 40 weeks pregnant, I had 1.5 oz of colostrum!     I wound up not needing to use it, but was so happy to have it...
Yep, "Zoo" is North Buffalo.  Trader Joes is actually opening on the border between Tonawanda and Amherst.     Are you wanting to home birth?   There are two homebirth CNMs in the Buffalo area.  Khristeena Kingsley (wnymidwife.com) and Eileen Stewart (buffalomidwiferyservices.com).  I saw Khristeena for the most amazing prenatal care and had a wonderful homebirth with her 6 weeks ago.  :)   I can't recommend her highly enough.  Both are out of network for most major...
I hate Velcro, haha. It wears out quickly and everything hooks together in the wash. I much prefer snaps on covers and really love snappis for my prefolds!
My babies are Judah, Galilee, and Shiloh. ( Bible place names ). Other names that were on our list: Boys: Silas Kerith Adriel Naphtali Elias Elisha Ezra Jared Micah Seth Canaan Rhodes Abel Girls: Ariel Kerith Bethany Moriah Keturah Magdala Magdalen Haven Dagny Tindra Maja/meja Kiersten Linnea Novalie Elin Johanna Lovisa Mira Berea Tirza Cana Mesha Petra Rarely used Biblical names and Scandinavian names
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