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Before we got our new furnace we didn't have any choice but to wash in cold. We dried them in the dryer to kill anything. We wash everything in cold now and don't have any problems.
ME. We were unschoolers, then the kids went to school, and we are now considering pulling them to school at home. We are all looking forward to learning together. "Book learning" isn't all bad, as there are a lot of things that you just can't learn without some sit down structured academics. I feel like I am also surrounded by people on opposite ends of the spectrum. I would love to find some relaxed book learners!
I'm in the same boat. Due date was the 7th. I usually homebirth but this time we are choosing hospital birth with a very cool doctor. She has had me go in twice for ultrasound and non-stress tests, and says that as long as everything looks good and I feel good we will just wait until the baby comes. We did talk about induction and she doesn't think it will come to that. She suggested nipple stimulation, but also pointed out a bunch of things that might be causing me...
Potatoes do seperate when frozen. You will need to stir them back together after they defrost. I usually freeze mine in a big ziplock that I can "massage" back together before I take them out of the bag to reheat. I do it all the time though, and attach a bag of cooked ground turkey and some peas, and shredded cheese to mix with a can of creamed corn to make up a sheppards pie. Mmm.
Yeah, we have to get a new model because this one is just getting too big!
I have not been able to back up my claims of infant seats being unsafe. I was so sure! I think maybe we will buy a bucket and keep the 3 year old where he is. They are certainly more affordable. I told him today we were going to go car seat shopping this morning. He said enthusiastically, "I LIKE PEANUT BUTTER!" I was perplexed...it turns out he had seen a brown (peanut butter colored) car seat yesterday. What a goof. Thanks for all the help!
Why is the head rest important?
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Okay the older child is going to need another harnessed seat. My top choices would include britax regent, marathon, boulevard, or sunshine radian. Second tier choices (and cheaper) would include the fisher price (that is made by britax) or the apex (but it will only work if you have headrests where it is installed. -Angela Yes, but all these seats are way out of our price range! Seriously, I know that I...
That is exactly what I am looking for, but man, that's a lot of money! I'd really like to find something for less. It just seems so wrong that all the affordable seats only go to 40 pounds!
My child is 32ish pounds and 3 1/2. He has been using the Cosco Alpha Omega (I think) since birth. The base can come off and make into a booster when he hits 40 pounds, but I want him to stay in a 5 point harness. He can stay in this seat for some time (until 40 pounds) but we need something for the new baby. I really thought that the buckets were NOT as safe as the convertibles. They certainly don't look as safe to me, and the babies don't come out of them as easily...
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