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I enjoy being a stay at home parent. I feel grateful to be able to stay home.  I don't think I have the desire nd strength to work and also do the mommy duties.
Thank you.  I will step back and let her be. It is her own journey, you're right. 
Thanks!  Maybe she is just having a difficult time and wants to adjust on her own...   I guess not everyone have to have the same parenting style...
You make a good point.  She might be taking a different route in parenting..   Thanks!
I need to vent...been bothering me this weeek...   I have 2 boys (5 and 7) and I have a friend who recently had her first daughter.  She was so happy to announce their first child after a long time and felt blessed to have me as a friend to help her in the future, because she called me "experienced". I told her that I am always here for her.   BUT....   AFTER baby arrives...she turned 360 degrees on me.  Her attitude was rude when I visited her, she was...
I have 2 DS, ages 7 and 5.  There are days when they would get and other days where they get on each other's nerves all the time!  What I have noticed is that after I spent some quality time with each separately, they would go back to playing nicely again.  I think with siblings, it's all about equality.  I joke around with DH and say that I have twins.  Maybe it's something that one child is getting and the other is not?  That happens too around here...just have to be...
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