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We have a top loader.  I do the Large setting.  Cold cycle, hot cycle with 2 spoonfuls of borax and 2 or 3 washing soda.  Then an extra rinse after.  Tried adding really hot water, we'll see if they smell better.  They don't wreak when they are freshly cleaned and they have a bit of an odor, but once he pees in them they smell like old fish. :(  We used the white bottle of Method at first and then switched, might try that again and see if it helps too.  Thanks for the...
Ok, I will try stripping.  I didn't think I would have to do that with my washing method but I suppose it could be build up after all.  Other than just adding extra hot water how do I go about stripping diapers?  
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Ok, not sure where to post this and I can't find anything about it.   We wash our cloth diapers with borax and washing soda and they stink as soon as my son pees in them.  Anyone had this problem with the same washing method?  Advice?  Thanks!
My husband has a few UA shirts that are really stretched out but I feel bad just chucking them.  Anyone have some ideas of a way to repurpose them?
Check out the Skin Deep website.  They have ratings and information on a huge number of products.  
I know that spraying things with vinegar and then hydrogen peroxide is a fantastic disinfectant.  Maybe you could do that on the carpet and then use a carpet cleaner to clean it out of the carpet?
I like the wording of the first much better than the second.  The second seems a bit abrassive, while the first gives off the feeling that you're greatful for what people have provided for your children.   I wouldn't be upset at all by receiving the first email at all.
Maybe try some consignment sales at nearby churches or something?  A lot of the time people sell stuff with tags still attached!
I'm not sure how old your kids are, but I love hitting the sales racks at BabiesRUs.  They usually have seasonal stuff marked as buy one get one free.  I got a couple of "church" shirts for my little one for about $2 each.
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