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Sorry to hear so many folks are going through tough times.   I'm waiting for AF to show up. It's 2 days late, but I really don't think there is any chance I'm pregnant and all I have are FRERs so I don't want to waste them ($$$). I'm just frustrated waiting. I'm on CD 37, and I really want to get going with the next cycle.    One of those days where it feels like baby #2 is never gonna happen. Must be something in the air, my sister in law is 8 days past her EDD (we...
Crossing my fingers for you! I have a good feeling. And if it makes you feel any better, I didn't have any spotting with either of my m/cs whereas my sister in law had spotting all throughout her pregnancy and she's due any day now (and everything looks good). I'm just waiting for AF to show up, chances of being pregnant this cycle are pretty low, but I'm excited for the prospect of a normal period and new cycle.
Fingers crossed for you, I hope everything looks normal!For me the most frustrating part of blood testing is that they look for change over time, so you have to keep going BACK until they're satisfied. I got to know the lady at the local LabCorp way too well this winter.
Fingers crossed for you. Sperm are patient, I managed to get pregnant once ovulating 5 whole days after the last BD.
 Congrats! That is definitely a line!
Catching up from a week away, I see I've missed a lot!   @badwolf092087 I can't believe how tactless your "friends" are about your abstaining from alcohol. With my last two miscarriages I went to great lengths to hide the fact that I wasn't drinking, especially with the 2nd because I wasn't ready to tell anyone. I've recently started working on my overall health, and a big part of that is cutting out alcohol (which slows your metabolism, contains mostly sugar, and...
Damnit after all that fixing the thermometer yesterday, the battery is dead. I noticed it was low yesterday but didn't have time to get to the store. We have a foot of snow so I'm not getting another one for at least a day or two.   A friend posted on facebook about some particularly tactless pregnancy announcements at their synogauge, and I commented that as someone struggling with infertility I would definitely find them hurtful. My husband chimes in with "It's not...
 Woooooooo congratulations!
Sorry for another driveby, I've been super sick the past week. First a really awful cold and then a stomach bug. Can't a girl get a break?   I haven't been temping because my thermometer is REALLY LOUD and my husband has been working late and I don't want to wake him up. Today I took matters into my own hands and decided to neuter the speaker. I followed a tutorial I found online (a marajuana forum, of all places), opened that sucker up and ripped out the bit of metal...
Congrats @OregonMoon and @edubluv !   I'm still bleeding and forgetting to temp (or in today's case, waking up at 4:30 because my daughter peed through her diaper and then I couldn't get back to sleep). I just really, really, really want to ovulate this cycle.
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