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Hey everyone, I am super swamped and will have to come back to finish up personals later.    @OregonMoon fingers crossed that line gets darker!   @rosie2727 That sounds super frustrating. Got a link to your chart? (anyone else miss being able to include links in your signature?)   @edubluv I'm impressed you made it this long. I usually cave around 7 dpo if I think there's any chance I could be pregnant.    afm I keep forgetting to temp, having been off it for so...
rosie - I've known some pregnant teenagers who could tell you that it only takes one, but for most folks TTC more is better of course. Still, it's possible. I got pregnant on a cycle when we only BD'd once, 4 days before ovulation happened.   inna - I think a lot of people have their own emotions about the gender of their kid, and there's no "etiquitte" that dictates whether you must / mustn't tell people. She may be struggling with disappointment, or may have just...
Welcome greenegirl ! I hope now that you're trying for real it goes quickly for you.   WifeofAnt did we find a new OP for February? If not, I can do it. I've been hanging around The One Thread for long enough... eesh it's really been 2 and a half years.   AFM: I thought my post-miscarriage spotting was over and done with, but my uterus managed to cough something out today. I'm supposed to go in for my HCG levels to make sure they're back at 0, but have been putting it...
Hey everyone,   I'm ready to be moved to waiting to o. But I have a feeling it will be a while, my periods are still super screwed up after my 2nd miscarriage and my cycles are still anovulatory. I'm tracking everything on Fertility Friend but not temping because I don't want to drive myself insane.   Here's hoping for a short stay, but I feel like I ought to settle in. Could be a while.
Hey everyone, I went into labor last night and had a miscarriage this morning. I wish the best for the rest of your pregnancies!
I haven't gained anything. In fact, I've lost 5 pounds. I've been nauseous, but not so bad I can't eat, and while I know you're all rolling your eyes and playing me the world's tiniest violin, I'm really worried it might be another missed miscarriage.   So fingers crossed that my midwife appointment on tuesday goes OK (they're checking with a doppler and will likely follow up with an ultrasound if they can't find a heartbeat), and that I start gaining a little weight soon.
We're announcing at Thanksgiving, so we don't miss anyone, but I think my husband's family has already figured it out. We saw them on Saturday and his cousin, who arrived late, asked "did I miss any big announcements? Is there champagne?"   I had a missed miscarriage with my last pregnancy so I'm a little nervous to tell people. My midwife is letting me come in on Tuesday before Thanksgiving for a quick check with the doppler to confirm everything is OK.
For those of you with smaller children, at what age do they start to understand what "a baby is coming" means? I told my 18 month old, but obviously she's too young to get it. She said "baby?" and I said "yes, in mommy's belly" and she looked at me like I was crazy. Then she said "belly," lifted up her shirt, and started patting her belly. Which is what she does any time you say the word "belly."
I'm not joining the do / don't debate, but as an FYI for those who do:   This year's flu shot covers a few different strains of flu, which is a bump up from some prior years when it only covered one. I really can't afford to be knocked out with the flu right now, so I got a flu shot.   If you're in the US, Target carries the mercury free shot, as well as an egg free one I believe. 
Depending on the operating frequency of the doppler, you may need to wait until after 12 weeks. A 2 Mhz doppler is generally good starting from 10 weeks. a 3 Mhz doppler generally won't pick anything up until after 12 weeks, BUT the shorter wavelength is better at getting through stuff (like belly fat). 
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