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My ds is extremely gifted. He's also an aspie and has motor delays. As a baby, his gross motor skills were always on the back end of normal. He didn't start crawling until 10 months, walking until around 17 months. He was a late talker (which he has since made up for, lol). He didn't fully potty train until almost 5. Now, at almost 8, he still struggles with many fine motor skills things. He can't button, snap, or zip. He struggles with scissors. Etc.    My dd was...
It was too scary for my 4.5 yr old, and even my 5.5 yr old Star Wars freak for a little anxious a couple of times. I thought it was sweet, but way way way too sad. I cried a million times. (But then again, dh and I grew up together, were friends, have been together since age 16, etc, and the thought of him dying first and leaving me to have to learn how to be alone is at the top of my biggest fears list.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Pinoikoi I know for me, I am not gawking to watch the "pain and suffering of others". I am looking to see if 1) someone is still in their vehicle and needs help getting out 2) if paramedics are on the scene or if volunteers need help 3) if neither of the above- looking for signs/info so I can call 911 with directions. I have been stuck in the snow at the side of the road IN my car before when I was pregnant. People came to...
We're starting kindergarten this year. I've started planning out the year. We're going to do themes - insects, dinosaurs, rainforest, the senses, etc. I've got our weekly themes planned. I'm starting to go in and add craft projects to the plans, just to give me an idea of what craft supplies we'll need. That way I can stock up when all the stores are selling back to school stuff cheap. I'm also compiling a list of all the festivals and things going on, as well as...
We're getting the Mega View Microscope for ds's birthday. It can be hooked up to the tv, or you can use it with the table top stand & light, or you can take it outside with you. It comes with a few slides too, I think. I'm sure we'll be upgrading to something better in a few years, when we get more into science and the kids are more responsible with their belongings, but for now it'll do the job. And it's cheap enough that if (when) it gets broken, it won't be a big deal.
Why? Does it save bandwidth or something? Just curious. I was wondering about that yesterday when I ventured into unschooling.
So like when we had the shooting here at the UU church last year, under the new rules, we couldn't talk about that AT ALL on MDC? I'm really bothered by this new stance. I had more to say, but I really can't without violating the UA. I'm grateful for what Mothering used to be, and I'm deeply saddened by the changes.
I have a Canon 20D and a 40D. Hopefully a 5D II by the end of 09. Upgrading body or glass, IMO, depends on what about your current system isn't meeting your needs and what those needs are. For example, I shoot weddings, so I need something that perfoms decently at high ISO for thsoe dark churches and I need fast glass.
Quote: Originally Posted by abimommy We have always done forum suspensions for repeat issues. Oh well never mind then. I'm really really bummed about this. Surprisingly so. If you'd told me even 2 years ago, Id care, I'd have thought you were crazy. I'll have to think about if it's even worth sticking around anymore.
Can you block people from certain forums? If so, and if (when? *fingers crossed*) it comes back, couldn't you just block access for people that continue to violate the UA? Maybe that's been tried. *shrugs*
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