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Well I am officially part of the club too! 40 weeks and 6 days! I feel as though my body is about to give out at any point!!! At my appointment I am not dilated even a little bit...super frustrating! None of the tips or tricks are helping. Argh.....trying so hard to patient, but it is difficult for sure.
Thank you for sharing your birth story! You are a true warrior girl. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on your gorgeous littler girl!
This is an awesome idea and so important as we get to the end! I sometimes forget how long it took for this to happen and how much I was loving pregnancy up until a few weeks ago. -How clear my skin is! Seriously this is the best my skin has ever looked. -The curves of my body and that I am truly all belly and....I finally have boobs!! -How relaxed I have become. I am a pretty high strung person and this has forced me to slow down. -Being able to nap for no...
Thank you both so much! I seem to always find the horrifying stories when I am "researching" and tend to freak myself out. Thanks for the link to the thread. It helped put my mind at ease and provided me with good information regarding my options. Much appreciated!
First of all I am so sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage on New Years Day 2010 and it took me a VERY long time to mourn the loss. Don't feel guilty about being sad about your friend's happiness. I think that is normal. When I found out my sister in law was pregnant two months after my miscarriage I threw an all out hissy fit (throwing things and bawling hysterically), which is completely out of character. Please don't put a time limit on your sorrow because it will...
Just need to vent and get some support....I found out on Monday that I tested positive for GBS. I was scared and thought I did something wrong, but realize I have no control over this. The crappy thing is that I will have to be hooked up to antibiotics when I go into labor so that I don't pass it onto the baby. Upon researching the possible effects of GBS on my newborn, I am FREAKING out. I know the chances are minimal but I am so scared. Has anyone else had to deal with...
Congratulations to you! Enjoy every moment with sweet little Ezra Ryan!
I have that sharp shooting pain too and it isn't just when I am on the toilet. It is when I sit anywhere for awhile!
Totally get how you are feeling! The worst part for me is getting out of bed or trying to turn over in the middle of the night! OUCH!!
Great job ladies! Yesterday I went absolutely crazy house cleaning. I am usually a neat freak, but over the last few months there has been a definite slide in this area. My DH is pretty helpful, but our standards of clean are a little different! So I went nuts cleaning-dusting, vacuuming, windows, etc. I feel so much better. However I feel like I can't stop. It is in every room now I feel like I have to stop and start organizing. For example if I go into the pantry, I am...
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