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Just getting on my computer now after an amazing week so far. We welcome Isaac Marshall into momma's arms at home on Mon 2/6/12 at 9:43pm, 8# 8oz. I was kinda in denial about being in labor, but starting timing my contractions at 4pm. My midwife arrived around 7 pm and things picked up quickly from there. My hypnobabies/homebirth was absolutely what I envisioned. Birth story to follow when I don't have a babe on my breast constantly, lol.
I'm also over my due date. Only one day, but this waiting is making me crazy. My DH keeps telling me the baby's going to come on the 17th. I sure hope baby doesn't wait that long. Please come out baby.......I surrender
I've spent so much time these last few days watching birth videos on youtube    
I'm feeling the same way, today is my due date as well. I'm hoping for some baby action this weekend. I want to start reading another book, but I'm afraid I'll get sucked into a good one and then baby will come and I'll never finish it. The waiting game is driving me insane. DD was 11 days early and DS was induced for the Dr.s convenience (first time mom and didn't know any better at the time) so this will be my first time going over 40 weeks. I'm trying not to get...
I feel your pain. DH and I have been at eachother this last week or so. I think we are both just really stressed. We are also remodeling and I thought everything would be done by the time the baby arrived, but it's just not gonna happen at this point. I am also a SAHM and we moms understand that it's a full time job and then some. I think our husbands just don't get how much work it actually is. There are no breaks, paychecks, or anyone patting you on the back saying...
Glad February is finally here, but it seems that now I'm even more impatient. Due date is on Saturday, so I'm just trying to be as patient as possible. DH thinks the baby is going to decide to come on Super Bowl Sunday when he wants to watch the game, LOL. I ran lots of errands today. Took the kids to the library and stocked up on groceries (and pineapples). Please baby come this week, so I can make someone else grocery shop next week.
Yeah congrats Right of Passage. I too, cannot wait for the birth story when you are feeling up to sharing it. Enjoy your babymoon.
Congrats Adaline'sMama and welcome to the world baby Charles. So exciting seeing all the births rolling in
Love the birth story and his gorgeous little face. Way to go Montanamomma
Quick question. When making the strong infusion for labor how long is it okay to keep in your fridge? I'm at 39 weeks on Saturday and want to have it ready to go, but if I end up overdue it may not be good anymore. Should I just start drinking the strong infusion now and keep making large batches until D-day?
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