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So, I'm 35 weeks preggo and have just developed - out of nowhere - the most huge and painful external hemmroids ever!  I cannot walk, sit, or stand without excruciating pain.  I just started the herbal remedy stuff (butcher's broom, bioflavonoids, witch hazel, sitz baths, fiber-loading diet) but I'm really scared these will not go away before the baby is born and I'm wondering if it might be a reason that a doc would push for a c-section (which I totally don't want)......
Just wondering if there is any way to avoid or refuse the post-partum newborn treatment they do in hospitals?  You know, the immediate whisking away of baby to suction, clamp, scrub, weigh, wrap, etc - all of that so unnecessary.  It takes away from bonding time.     Is there any way to demand this NOT be done - or at least demand it be delayed for a while - if delivering in a hospital - or is homebirth (or birth center birth) the only alternative???   I'm scared...
slightly OT, but why does the placenta have to be saved/examined?   I don't have a midwife or anyone and am planning on a UC - do i need to save the placenta for anyone for any reason?
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