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BFF. Would you rather make a phone call or send a text?
Congrats Erigeron! I'm due on Wednesday (12). My midwife is now officially away until Wednesday. My last baby was born on her due date so I figured I probably wouldn't go over 40 weeks. But, if I go into labour this weekend, I don't get my midwife. If I go past my due date, they start talking sweeps and stuff, which I don't want. I'm booked for my 5th ultrasound on Tuesday because I'm again measuring small. I think it's just that the baby has dropped and that he's likely...
I use EPO, orally, starting at 36 weeks and additionally, vaginally at 37 weeks. I also do accupuncture starting at 34 weeks. My daughter was born on her due date. You could wait until you're overdue, but many natural remedies take some time to work, so starting after 40 weeks is often too late. Assisting the cervix to ripen won't necessarily make you go into labour - it's just one piece of our bodies getting ready. Semen works like EPO, so lots of sex is helpful too.
Congrats JelloPanda!
Barn full of horses. Would you rather a ski vacation or a beach vacation?
K - for kisses from my toddler. Love them!
Sounds like she thinks you ovulated on the day you had said was your LMP. I'd go over it with her at your next appointment. You don't want to be that off in terms of dates - suddenly your actual due date becomes week 42 and you could be set up for unnecessary interventions.
Never tried it. Momos
Baby barf. Would you rather travel to the past or to the future?
D - I love dinner
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