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Anyone else cloth diapering and have suggestions for night time (favorite brands/solutions)? We're currently using grovia hybrid with a biosoaker and a stay dry booster at night, but we've been having leaks (even when the diaper is not full) - particularly on the right side (the side she sleeps on while nursing). I'd like something that lasts throughout the night because she screams like hell if I try and change her while she's half asleep. Thanks. 
Yep...me too...wades of hair after I shower and hair everywhere - I keep pulling it out of DD's diaper.
It's nice to meet you too Megan! I've looked at the Lact-Aid and it looks like a good system. Currently, we're just using a laboratory cup (like the kind you use to collect urine) with a hole made in the cap for the feeding tube. I put the tube in while DD latches and then I tuck the cup into my nursing bra or on the couch arm (we have flat couch arms) and that seems to work. We started, like you, with 8-10 oz and now we're at 6 oz a day. My DD is 3 months now. I figure...
Thanks for clarifying these points Megan.  
Just be sure when your doctor is looking at weight gain that he or she is looking at the growth charts for breastfeed babies because they tend to gain weight more slowly. You can have a baby that is both healthy and small. Having said that, we do supplement because we had a similar difficulty getting our little one to gain weight - in fact she lost a lot of weight after birth and then kind of plateaued and didn't gain any weight. It kind of broke my heart to give her...
We swaddle our DD. We stopped for about 2 weeks, but then DD started having difficulty falling asleep (read: I got hardly any sleep) so we started swaddling again. Our DD is 2 1/2 months and I've heard that you shouldn't swaddle after 3 months. Has anyone else heard this? Should I be trying to get her to sleep without swaddling now?
It was indeed a wonderful day! I'm still can't believe that I'm a mama to this wonderful little being. It's amazing.
Thanks Mae!
Suri Davina
 I also nurse while I eat - calories going in and out...love it! my favorite not baby time activity - showering or sometimes, a bath.  
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