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It's not strange to wait 6 months re: HPV. Pre-cancerous cells can take many, many years to transition to cancer and often spontaneously resolve. They often do a repeat pap/wait and see approach before more invasive biopsies or removal of cells.
That's wonderful Cricketschirpin! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy! Way to go mama!
Cricketschirpin: did you have your ultrasound yet? Love to know how your bean is doing?
We have two books we're reading with DD (27 months) re: home birth and what happens after baby is born by Toni Olson. She's been attending midwifery appointments and 'helping' the midwife. We got her her own measuring tape and stethoscope so she can check the baby at home. She tells me she's going to help get her baby brother out lol. We've also shown her the pics of her own home water birth. We've been going over all the things she can help with (getting diapers, singing...
I have a babywearing coat that can be used in maternity (due to generous sizing and extra panels. If you're thinking of wearing your baby while out hiking after birth and want a coat that fits over you and baby, you might think of investing in that now.
I'll echo what others have said about moderate caffeine being fine. In fact, I have low blood pressure and my midwife told me to have a cup of coffee if I'm feeling dizzy because it will raise blood pressure. with a toddler to chase, i couldn't live without my morning coffee.
We have washable cloth incontinence pads on our bed for cosleeping. We picked them up at the pharmacy. They're meant for adult incontinence so they don't make any crinkly noise and feel natural on the bed. They're large enough that you could sleep on one now just in case. Once labour starts you want to put a plastic sheet or plastic shower curtain on top of your fitted sheet and then put another old/cheap fitted sheet on top. That way you can just labour on the bed and...
Yep. My midwife wants me to stay home and recover for first 10-14 days. Nothing strenuous - no stairs even. I am birthing in the sitting room outside our bedroom. I've got a mini kitchen set up (fridge/microwave/kettle) with food and tea to eat pp so I don't need to leave the floor. Midwife will do home visits to check on baby and I.
Congrats Cricketschirpin! Wishing you sticky baby bean dust!
My midwife gave me my birth kit this week (am 37 weeks). This time around, the kit is paid for by the government, which is nice. I have most of my supplies organized. Will be picking up my birth pool this Tuesday and should bet all set. Getting very excited to meet this new little one. My midwife is away for week 40 so am hoping to go a little early (dd was born on her due date). Am a little concerned about whether I'll remember what labour felt like and know when to call...
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