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I had my last baby in the fall and I loved being pregnant in the spring/summer. Slip-on shoes, wrap skirts, cheap tank tops, walking outside in the sunlight late at night. Perfect. People always tell me how much luckier I am to be pregnant in the winter because of how hot it is to be pregnant in the summer. I loathe those people. There is nothing better about pulling on clunky boots, not being able to find maternity pants warm enough for any outdoor/snow activity, the...
I'm 31 weeks and I feel like I still have lots of things I want to get done (crafting, renovating, organizing) before baby gets here and am starting to feel the crunch. Baby is breech, so i'm hoping he flips shortly. I'm starting to get big and actually feel pregnant, from time to time. Yesterday, i was driving and it felt hard to sit in that position due to baby limbs.
I'm planning a second home waterbirth. I've ordered my birth pool and am slowly starting to prep other supplies.
Check Dr. Sears. He found that there are virtually no cases outside those children with infected family members. Vaccinating infants is a means to erradicating the disease because attempts to vaccinate high risk infividuals and screen all pregnant women (women without prenatal care) have failed. I'm pretty sure the CDC makes that clear.
I'f report the teacher. Just because they have physical access to the file in which the excemption is contained does not give them the right to access such information just because they're curious - it's unethical and likely in violation of privacy legislation. As a teacher, she should know this.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I think people should wait for their children to ask to have their ears pierced and they are at an age where they can have their ears pierced by a professional piercer and can care for them. I disagree with the notion that an infant should have it done so they don't remember the pain. Infants can't make sense of pain the same way children and adults can and thus, it's actually worse, IMO. Piercing by a professional with a ring is the safest method. I would never pierce my...
My placenta is also anterior this time, as it was with my first pregnancy. I have been feeling movement, but not as quickly as many second time moms. This was part of the reason that I suspected it was anterior, even before my ultrasound.
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