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I got the shot last pregnancy at 28 weeks and after birth and will do so again this time. I was initially against getting it because I didn't see the point, particularly before birth, and it is, after all, a blood product....but I had several long conversations with my midwife about it and when it was explained to me that there have been studies that have found fetal blood cells have been found circulating in maternal blood prior to delivery, I decided not to chance it.
Well the form doesn't go to any registry where i live. So that's not a concern. It's an internal form amd while it may be sort of bullshit, it's not that big a deal to me. Our doctor is great and it's hard enough to find doctors since there are so many that are full and no longer taking new patients. i have to sign forms for school and daycare as well, as per the law.
Gryphonn: why?
We do well baby visits though we delay vaccination. Where I live, MW's provide care until 6 weeks pp. well baby visits involve being weighed and measured and developmental screening. We like our family doctor who is quite supportive of our choices and it's an opportunity to form a relationship and for her to understand us, which comes in handy when we do need to see her (in times of sickness). Our dr. likes to see babies every two months to check in, which is a lot. But,...
Jimxymama: none of the old wives tales were accurate for either of my pregnancies.
Hypnobirthing, labouring in water, tens machine were what I used.
For ab SSC we went with the boba. It can be used for newborns and toddlers alike, but I never used it when my DD was that young. I prefer a stretchy wrap or ring sling in the early days. We love baby wearing so much that we have several carriers, but no stroller. So, i can't recommend one. In terms of CD, my stash is primarily gro-via and they've worked well for us.
In terms of eligibility: Are you looking for participants from a particular country? When you ask for recently, how are you defining this?
I don't have any advice in how to pass the test. I failed the 1 hour in my first pregnancy and like you changed how I ate, exercised, and an now at a normal BMI and much healthier. I also checked my sugars and had similar results to you. I ended up passing the 3 hour, but the whole thing was very stressful and I was very concerned about potentially having my care transferred if I failed it. I am refusing the test this time. I feel that if you are eating well, exercising,...
Yes, a long cycle changes how far along you are. Using LMP is based on a 28 day cycle. If you know when you ovulated, add two weeks to that and that's how far along you are.
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