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I have stretch marks on my hips that pre-date my pregnancy and they've never gone away. I never got any while pregnant but I've gained and lost weight a few times so my skin is likely stretchy. I put a homemade blend of oils to get the skin hydrated. I'm not sure there's much you can do.
I thought I was having a girl or maybe I just really wanted a second girl. Either way, ultrasound suggests it's a boy. Everyone in my circle of family and friends thought boy. My first child was the 5th grandchild in a row to be a girl (and no boys) on my mother's side. Since she was born there have been two boy grandchildren and now mine (and no new girls).
We just had our 20 week ultrasound today. Tech's report suggests everything is progressing normally and it looks like we're having a boy. We are now officially starting to think about baby names and getting organized for our second child.
I usually put a stretchy wrap or ring sling under my baby wearing coat before I leave for the store and then slide in the back seat and transfer baby. I won't be able to do this when my second one arrives (2 car seats in back seat), but the transfer is pretty quick so i'll still baby wear from the car to shops. It's not quite as cold here in Toronto and this works for us. The car seat is too heavy and bulky for me to carry.
I have low blood pressure and a tendencyto faint, so my midwife okayed coffee for me because it raises blood pressure. I never have more than a cup in a day from the second trimester onward. Did the same with my first child. I couldn't function without the stuff. Check with your provider, but it's probably fine.
We took our 2 year old this year and last year. She loved it. Our local Pride has a family zone. She also loved dancing to the music. She didn't really notice the nudity/sexuality. But even when she gets to the age when she does we'll still bring her; we'll just have a conversation about it.
I think, according to Dr.Sears it's 3 DTAP, 1 MMR, 1 HIB, 2 polio, 1 chickenpox if you start at age 2. My DD will be 2 this month and I'm expecting a baby this winter too. We're going to do DTaP, HIB, and MMR before the baby is born.
My DD will be 2 this month. She measures my belly with a measuring tape and tells me my baby will come out in February when I go into labour. We're planning another water birth so we're trying to get her ready to possibly be home during the birth. She seems excited. We're going for our 20 week scan in 2 weeks where we will hopefully find out the sex.
My DD always liked to nurse in the morning, but moreso now that we've night weaned. I've always had difficulty with supply so I expected mine to go early and that that would likely not be a detterent to my little one. I think the whole supply thing is pretty individual, in terms of when you lose it or even if you lose it.
I'm 18 weeks pregnant and nursing my almost 2 year old. I caught the first postpartum eggie. I'm pretty sure my supply is gone, but DD still nurses a couple times a day, particularly in the morning upon wake up. My nipples are getting super sensitive though and DD is not so gentle so that's been difficult. But, other than that pregnancy and nursing are going well.
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