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I wouldn't eat anything high in carbs or sugar right before the test - they're going to give you a large dose of sugar at the test so I wouldn't add to that. Focus on protein and vegetables if you need a per-test snack. If you fail the screening you'll get a fasting glucose test which can provide a diagnosis of GD. I failed the screen, but passed the test. The one benefit, I suppose, of failing the screen is that I became much more aware of maintaining a healthy (low...
I would also add that if you're having 2 support persons that you should run this by your ob or MW because many hospitals have policies about the number of people that can be in the room. Sometimes this is strict - only one support person. Sometimes this is more than one support person as approved by your healthcare team.
Although, many Doula's do have a protocol about when to arrive. I think for us it was when contractions were 7-1-1. Our MW arrives at 5-1-1. In my case I didn't get to either of these points. No one thought I was in labour until I finally went to my MW and she checked dilation and told me the baby would be born soon. I went home and everyone assembled immediately and the baby was born a few hours later. Doula's at the practice had actually missed births that had occurred...
Beaglesmuggler- I'm totally freaked out by the idea of birthing during snow! I got my car stuck on my street three times last year and because the snow was so heavy and our driveway so long, I could never shovel my own drive. My MW has a truck and that's important to me so she can get to our house. I might be a little paranoid.
I'm so sorry to hear this KM84.
1.5 hours is a long way away when you make the call. I did hypnobirthing with my doula last birth. It was useful. You could just read the book and listen to the Cd. There are lots of options for prenatal education.
Welcome to all the new mama's! list updated to here.
It's interesting because I have never felt comfortable with really early scans. With my first I refused to have a scan until I was 6-7 weeks because I felt scans before this can be inaccurate. I'm not sure why I didn't do this this time.
I had my first appointment this week, at 10 weeks. It was an opportunity to check in with my midwife (the same one I had with DD) about how the pregnancy is going and get some baseline blood work. I opted for iron levels and thyroid, as recommended by my naturopath and also RH antibodies (I'm RH negative). I think the purpose of appointments before 12 weeks are for genetic testing. I opted out of this, but my midwife still wanted to see me at 10 weeks because she's on...
Also, the first glucose test is actually a screening test. If you fail it you neef to take another test where you fast overnight and then you drink the syrup and then draw blood. Then you wait for one hour and they draw blood again. I did this one last time and the fasting part was difficult. By the time the test was over it was past noon and I was pretty faint. As it turned out I dis not have GD. There are simply a certain number of women that will fail the screening.
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