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I had similar concerns. I was on bed rest from 22 weeks to 35 1/2 weeks, then gave birth at 36 weeks. I did breathing exercises while on bed rest, then walked as much as I could (seven blocks working up to 16 blocks with a long rest in the middle) during the time I was off bed rest before the birth. It was hard, and 2 1/2 years later I'm not back in shape, but I managed a vaginal birth of twins. So...do what you can, but don't overdo it (you're on bed rest for a reason),...
I found eggs, canned fish, and protein powder (in my smoothies) to all be really helpful in getting more protein into my diet during my twin pregnancy.
I am struggling lately to deal with two toddlers and pregnancy exhaustion. I feel like I ought to be doing better at keeping on top of things. But I'm not.
I've been finding that I get more headaches when I'm dehydrated, which is approximately all the time. (when pregnant I need to drink and drink and drink) Just in case that helps anyone.
Does it always hurt? I've been finding that some positions and times of day hurt less than others. So I've been limiting it when it hurts and trying to allow it when it doesn't.
Tea. Hot honey and lemon. Eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief (for clearing sinuses for sleep). Extra pillows (I cough less when my head is raised)   I'm starting to get over mine. But yuck.
My twins are older (2 1/2 now), but I'm finding this pregnancy is kicking me in the head. I can't imagine it when they were under a year old. But I will say that things get a little easier around a year. And remember that keeping all of you alive for the day is an accomplishment at this stage. Everything else is gravy.   Can you get someone in to help a little? Even a high-schooler who could fold laundry or distract the boys for a little while?
We're struggling with similar issues. Our current approach is to have our daughter clean up when she's peed on things (not shaming, not punishing, but trying to make it as annoying for her as it is for us). But it's tricky.
I would definitely have some diapers. Different babies and parents have different cues and comfort levels. For some, the signals are very clear, for some they're more difficult, and sometimes parents just need a break from vigilance.   I don't know on the how many. It may depend on how difficult it is for you to get more.
If you are rh-negative and your partner is positive, you may need a shot to protect future pregnancies.
New Posts  All Forums: