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Being upset about the assault, and upset about the twins is totally normal. I was really upset for my whole twin pregnancy.   Twins make c-section more likely, and they have their own complications. Some kinds of twins (mono-mono, for instance), mean a c-section is necessary. But depending on your situation, there may be reasonable chances at not needing a c-section. (I was able to avoid one)
Rinap. Baby #3. Due on the Equinox (September 21). Have twin girls.
Ugh. I feel like I'm supposed to be energetic. Zipping around. Getting things done. And I just feel like an exhausted blob.
I have two of those (twins).
I went with outside. Over my bra, but under my shirt. It made going to the bathroom really annoying, but it let me feel a bit more professional than either showing my waistband or pulling up my pants all the time.
The other thing to consider on maternity jeans is the waistband: Some have a wide elastic waistband, and others have a big tights-material panel. I think the elastic waistband ones stay up better, but I couldn't wear them because I didn't like having anything pressing on my stomach. It can be good to experiment with both. (I wound up using suspenders with my maternity jeans)
Yeah. Counting the days until I can stop hiding.
I liked Mothering Multiples (http://www.karengromada.com/mothering-multiples/).   I switched sides each feeding. Others give each baby a side, or switch daily.   Find a good lactation consultant, ideally one who has twin experience. And call early. My kids took three months to be good nursers (pumped and bottle fed until then; it was a struggle, but worked out in the end), then nursed exclusively until 7 months, still nursing (but also eating food, obviously) since...
Struggling to eat much of anything, though I'm starving at mealtimes. Nothing tastes right, even water.
I would disagree with this. Some people's bodies don't need to gain much weight. Others do. And if your body needs the weight to make a healthy baby, then it's healthy. Focusing on keeping active is good. Trying to eat as well as possible is good. But you're not entirely in control here, and that requires some relaxing into the process.
New Posts  All Forums: