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Full time ECing is a great goal, but depending on the family and the baby in question, can be an impossible one. Hand washing generally requires more water than machine waching.
We had our twins in a sidecarred crib (both in one crib) for the first six months. It was really nice.
Has anyone started looking at the math for whether it's better to use cloth or compostables in a drought situation? Cloth requires a lot of water, even with a simplified washing routine (and water used for manufacturing is coming from somewhere not having a water emergency)    
Suddenly terrified that we (I) can't handle another kid.
I keep having coughing fits and just can't stop coughing. It's something I had with my last pregnancy. I'm working on staying hydrated, but any advice?
That sounds great. And like you're listening to your body. Sorry to butt in; you're doing awesome.
You should do your own research. But I would encourage you not to try to control your weight while pregnant with twins: two babies need a lot of nourishment. Absolutely try to eat well and the right amount. But adding the limitation of trying to restrict your food intake to meet a low weight gain can be tough. Talk to your midwife. But most things I've seen on twin pregnancy have much higher weight gain.
I am hoping to manage to make a pair of baby dolls for my older kids. I'll make a teething doll for the new baby, but not until after the birth.
They are daunting, yes. And we wound up with lots of testing. But low intervention (unmedicated vaginal birth), cloth diapering, venturing out. Daunting, but doable. And I did some babywearing, but found that I did a lot more strollering than I would have with one. Which I was sad about, but it's still awesome. (and some people manage the babywearing, and others don't manage all the others.) With twins, you have to be a little flexible, which is tough at times.
Congratulations! We have 2 1/2 year old twins.
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