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I'm at five weeks. I was outed yesterday: someone asked me if I was pregnant and I was flustered and now some people know. Really? Five weeks was the best I could do? That is absurd.
I was glad to have had an early ultrasound with my last pregnancy, as it told me there were two. And then another when they thought I had appendicitis. I had more late ultrasounds than I was happy with (because of the twins). But I will have a relatively early one this time to see how many there are.
Thank you, all.
I am following along, as this is something I wonder as well.
Breathe. It will be okay. (but listen to yourself. I knew my first were twins from the time I tested.) Nervous here, as the kids are saying that they have brothers coming. Plural.
Hard boiled eggs? Pate? Shredded chicken? A thermos of broth? Plain yogurt? (or kefir?)
I never had to supplement (very lucky), though I had to pump the first three months (the kids were a month early and didn't latch well right at first). After the three months were up, I only ever pumped to donate milk to a friend (they didn't have bottles at all after that).   I nursed one at a time (nursing one while cooing at the other) until about 9 months. Tandem nursing is awesome but can be tricky if the babies are having trouble latching. (but some can do it from...
Mine won't even try to zip. I'm going for long stretchy skirts, which makes me feel like I'm dressed up all the time, which is kind of fun.
Whew. My daughters have just informed me that they have two brothers (they don't know I'm pregnant). And told me their names. Hmm.
The thirsties covers are our favorites, too.
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