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I found bucket seats really useful for getting in and out of the house (can carry/wear one baby and carry the other in a bucket...you can set the bucket down to use your keys/buy a cup of coffee/put the other baby in the car in a way that you can't just set the baby down on the sidewalk. They were really important for us.   Go to a big box store and get them to let you test-install two carseats in your prius. We did fine with the two buckets, and then got two Radians...
I often feel like an alien talking to other parents. It's hard. That doesn't mean you don't have PPD. Keep an eye on that. And get help if you can. Does the local twin group have online boards? Sometimes that can be good for finding helpers (especially as the twins in the group start going to school) and finding others nearby you can meet up with for moral support. The mother's helper thing is very very hard. I spent a long time finding one (and this is the third search...
Oh. My heart goes out to you so so much. I was terrified of my twins, too. It's okay to feel terrified and to be upset. You need to find someone who you can talk to about this who won't judge you for it. This will change your family, but it will be okay, and you will be able to figure things out. Reach out to friends and family for support, both moral and help in running your life.
Also, any amount of potty use is useful. Don't stress about having times and places where you continue to use diapers.
We used robeez (and similar) inside, but See Kai Run for walking in the outside and the wet (though when it was dry, we just used robeez and repaired them or replaced them with hand-me-downs when necessary...I've seen a lot of robees at thrift stores and rummage sales. (and they don't really have soles, so wearing someone else's unevenly worn soles isn't an issue...if the leather is worn through so there's a hole, you'll notice...)
Mama's needs count too. Parenting doesn't mean that the child will be happy all the time (I have held a child as they cried and cried, because there was nothing I could do (feeding, breastfeeding, changing diapers, playing, singing, snuggling) to stop the crying.). And sometimes what the child wants (to stay up and play all day) isn't what they need (no, it's bedtime. I'll snuggle with you, I'll read to you, but it's time for sleeping, not going to the park). And sometimes...
It's hard, hard, hard. And it's not reasonable to expect that everything gets done. There are two issues with your husband: one is whether you feel emotionally supported. The other is that the two of you need to be splitting up the work. Twins are hard. Seven month old twins are still hard. Things don't get done. That's when you need two parents to both step in and get the necessary ones done. And challenging twins (which it sounds like you have) are a lot harder.   I...
We liked the Baby Bjorn potties (the little potty, which you can't get anymore, and the smart potty, which is similar). We also really liked the pottette plus (you can get a rubber inner liner to use it like the little potty, but it's also portable (folds up), which is awesome)
My LP is fourteen days, so that should be okay. May go back to my herbalist and talk to her. But it's tough to find the time and tough to find the belief that it will actually help.
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