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We did a lot of shopping on Craigslist, and a lot of letting people know we would take any and all hand me downs (and then we sorted through them ourselves). I found that I very much needed a nursing pillow to nurse. And that a twin nursing pillow was an awesome way to be able to tend to a second infant while nursing the first (we couldn't tandem until they were nine months). We had a slow start to nursing. My twins were early and didn't latch well during the day until...
I am so confused this month. I swear I ovulated (pain, mucus, temperature jump), then had a lot of nausea at 9dpo, but my temps have been all over the place since 7dpo...that's five days under the coverline. And no sign of my period. I'm hoping this doesn't mean I'm still not ovulating.
Mine will actually say "not working! Milk not working!" when I run low.
My concern would be that you poured it off rather than skimming it off. If it didn't whip up properly, that would suggest to me that the fat content wasn't high enough. (so you might need to skim it off the milk with a spoon to get less milk and more cream)
I am so happy to hear this.  
Breathe. It's normal to panic, and do let yourself grieve the pregnancy/infancy you were thinking of. It's okay to feel what you feel. Twins are awesome, but as you know, they're not the same thing.   You have some pretty tricky situations. I can't help with all of them, but I have a little input.   We coslept with our twins in a sidecarred-crib for the first six months. And when we visited they slept together in a pack n play. Both of which you might be able to...
We're nightweaning here. Ug. I am so so so tired. But hoping that I can start getting a little more sleep soon.   Also struggling with a stall in the potty training.
We used cloth and stopped changing diapers at night as soon as they stopped pooping at night. If we needed more absorbancy, we just layered two diapers.
A lot of people I've talked to have a supply dip during their period (I certainly do). It may be hormonal. Some people take fenugreek to boost supply at that time of month.
Talk to his pediatrician, but he's pretty little to wean to solids only. He'll probably need some form of milk (formula or breastmilk). You might try having someone else offer a bottle with you not there; sometimes that works better for people.
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