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No, your husband can call the school and find out when school photos are and when sports his son is interested in start.  Are you sure she's ruining them?  He's a kid, he may very well be ruining them himself.
Kind of judgey.
  Yes, she should have.  It changed the weight of what she was saying.
  I considered it meaningful.  You don't have to.  It's an opinion thing.
I found the discussion to be interesting.
Personal attacks and accusations are obviously fun and catty... and fun.  Having a real conversation here without the tit for tat will never happen, basically the reason I left.
  I think everyone should be fair game.
Auto immune
OP... if you were in the Army you'd know that there are many people in the Military with AI's or upon getting find out they have AI's.  Use your deductive reasoning and figure it out.  While I'm pro vaccine I'm not incapable of putting it all together and seeing that forcing vaccines on EVERYONE in a short period of time and forcing certain Vaccines on those deploying has caused quite a bit of harm.
New Posts  All Forums: