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    It would have been best to keep those feelings to yourself or possibly take this as an opportunity to learn.  I don't know the few people you know who apparently are cheating the system but the many people I know who are not cheating the system use the money to help faciliate many important things in their childs life.  And benefits are not easy to get.  Let's work on apathy today k?
I feel a bump on the left side of Si's lower gums.  And he loves it if you rub it.  He tried to eat his sisters hand yesterday.  She was surprised at how hard he can bite down. 
how is your mental and physical well-being?  So far so good.    how is breastfeeding/bottlefeeding going? baby's weight gain?  Bb is doing really well.  Growing fast... too fast.    any significant outings with the little one?  Every outing is significant.  I forgot how hard it is just to get out of the house.  I can't believe I did it with two little so close in age yrs ago. 
Your children are important, you are their advocate.  YOU are who they should be able to turn to when they are being bullied.  You are in a very inappropriate situation.  Your DH's treatment of the whole family is not ok.  NOT OK AT ALL.  This is not just about your DH disliking your daughter.  This is about how you are allowing your children to be verbally abused. 
I'll have to look into it.  Thanks.
    Preach it!   Dh has his own techniques on how to keep Si happy.  Dh doesn't like wearing the wrap but will hold Si face out for long periods of time while he does things or puts him in his seat and moves him from room to room with him.  I end up adopting his way since he really knows what the bb wants more than I do.  I go by what I think the baby should like, DH is better at reading cues with this one. 
All these little bb's are so adorable.  Any LO's getting mobile?  Si wiggled across the floor last night to get his bb and eat her face.  Maybe 2ft.  which is pretty far since he's not 4 months yet.  My girls never did this.
Baby Si  
TallT,  my LO is very much the same.  It's really hard to do things knowing he's not going to be pleased in the evening if he doesn't get his full nap.  BUT, I followed the natural flow of what my older girls wanted and I literally lost my sanity.  If everything revolves around their needs, none of yours will be met.  If you have to do stuff during the day then you have to do it.  You need to set the schedule that benefits you both. 
My LO likes BW sometimes but not all the time.  I finally started using his stroller and he's so much happier.  He's cuddly when he's tired but when he's awake he doesn't want to be messed with.  So I use his seat and his swing as well as laying him out on the floor a lot more now and he's happier.  It's based on what your bb want mama.  Just try out different things and don't get too upset about bb not liking BW. 
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