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    But it does perpetuate the mommy wars.  Theres no reason for it.  Theres lots of ways to raise children, there is no one right way. 
Escaping it sounds like two different parenting ideals.  Yours and theirs.  You think yours is better which is fine because lots of people are that way.  However it's counterproductive as a whole.  Maybe you should stop judging these people.  Because honestly you've really said nothing about them that brings up any red flags. 
  Yes it is.  Op did you have the screening done?  And do you have proof? They are likely going to use that you either didn't have the screening or your HepB was positive/unknown. 
They could have found out the status though.  They really take over in the NICU, I don't think I have ever felt so powerless than the two weeks bb Si was in the NICU. 
My NICU bb was not given the Vaccine until I consented.  But that was because of their policy to not give the vaccine until week 2.  I would def have your paperwork in hand and go see a lawyer.  That's absolutely not OK. 
My girls shared their beds.  I just bought them platform beds that they can put together so now they have their own bedding but they're still in contact with each other.  It works. 
  I don't think call out threads are allowed here.  I think you rock by the way and have nice little hands.  Wanna be besties?
    Uh yeah probably.  I pointed out both sides are quite vocal.  Apparently issue is taken with that.  But whatever, back to reading. 
Well it's obvious who is tolerated.
    I pretty much only read here now and don't care to post much.  But if you pay attention both sides are very vocal and it's the same people.  What I like about it is that BOTH sides bring it.  So it makes it interesting.  Just posting your opinion and moving on does nothing for the discussion. 
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