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  I'd like to see something on that one.  I've never heard it before.       Conversely my vaxed kids have never had anything beyond a normal cold  
Yeah I usually sorry my kids an ass and I'm a crap parent for allowing him to be an ass... want a cookie?     Kidding, toddlers are a completely different life form.  Show me one who is not void of normal social graces.
Orphan disease is a disease that affects very few people so it doesn't attract a lot of attention or funding for research.     And I think a lot of the reactions to vaccines are over looked by parents and are possibly miscatergorized by the medical professionals.  I mean it took me yrs to get diagnosis for things that were in no way related to vaccines I can imagine it could be just that for about anything.  And I do think some parents don't bring it up to the Dr...
She got into an accident which caused trauma to her body.  She had a neck injury.  She went back in a few days later because her hands burned and then her feet burned and eventually she was admitted after a month of pain and fear over what was happening and she stayed there for 6 months.  We thought she was going to die.  Also it's not hard to believe a migrant worker was unvaccinated nor is it hard to believe she had a hard time getting decent care.  And GBS was an...
My mom had GBS, or has it's in remission.  Struck her in 88.  It was due to trauma from an accident.  GBS has been around for a long time and at them time she had it she was still an unvaccinated adult and GBS was considered an orphan disease.      Wanted to add that in the 70's there was an outbreak of GBS due to the Flu vaccine.  However that is not the only way one could suffer from GBS.
I vaccinate I birth fully drugged I use disposable diapers Formula feeding this LO I spray real liquid death on my lawn and in my house (bug killer) We eat fast food like there are no grocery stores in my city I only use my recycling bin because I have to.  Otherwise my trash can isn't big enough for all the trash we accumulate each week. My kids are in public school and I buy public school lunches because Frito Pie is AWESOME!! My kids do not have...
They have new ways to help regrow the root but there has to be enough healthy root left.  We had that done for my oldest.  It didn't cost too much more and was basically like getting a root canal because of the time it took.  But my 9 at the time kid was cool with it and actually enjoyed the experience.  It's def who you go to.  But if you do actually need a root canal I've never read or found anything that actually proved you can regrow your roots and reverse decay in...
Yes!  The pain that will come from not getting it done was worse than anything I had ever experienced in my life.  And a friend of ours got really sick by not taking care of hers.  She didn't have a lot of pain but the infection went to her heart and now she's dealing with a lot of issues.  Dental health is amazingly important. 
I get told them all I say is no.  But um... it's not true at all.  last time I said no was when I was asked if the girls could walk 3 blocks away at 9:30 at night to play with their friends. 
Night terrors and man were they tough.  Only one of my girls had them.  The youngest one would scream for hours and there was nothing you could do.
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