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I would help her research other formulas.  My breastmilk gave my oldest "tummy troubles", I was able to find a good formula for my last LO that causes no issues whatsoever. 
She feels guilty because she knows you disapprove of formula.  I have two breastfed kids and the last one is formula fed.  Amazingly he's perfect, he didn't lose any sparkles by being formula fed and it made it easier for my husband to take over his care while I work.  I did try and then I felt like I didn't want to go through all the problems I had had before again.  Respect her decision, it's her baby.  The baby will not be less awesome because of formula and the...
Dang you're busy.  I've done nothing today but sit here at work and eat all the snacks.   Yesterday we finally cleaned out all the flower beds mowed the front and back lawn and decluttered the garage.  Tonight we're putting in a new toilet. 
That would be no different than suing for passing around the flu at work.  Someone shows up get you sick then you lose a few days or weeks of work depending on your health and you sue them for loss time.      People are weird. 
It is def your choice mama, but I had and MRI done with my bb to rule out brain damage.  But even if they found something I would have time to research how to help him.  I think having knowledge is definitely power when it comes to finding good care for our bbs.  Good luck.
      18 weeks. 
on top of teething and bb's suddenly cruddy sleepers?
    Def agree here. 
You linked the circ one.  Did you mean to do that?
    Exactly.  When there are so many kids not getting enough food, I'm not going to judge quality of what they can get.  Some of the cheaper foods to buy are the worst but if you start wagging your fingers at their parents for doing what they can then you need to open up your own damn perfect pantry.  And it's not just about what they eat either there are a lot of genetic factors at play. 
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