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Hi all, having a bit of a bad day.  Not sure if I have a UTI or whats going on, started getting a constant cramping/pressure pain yesterday, and it got so painfull and uncomfortable last night that I could hardly fall asleep.  No fever or burning like I normally experience with a UTI, but worse than AF cramps, so something is not quite right, off to the DR later to rule out UTI, and find out whats up. My temp also died this morning, below the cover line, so this does...
Hi, I am 9DPO and have terrible cramps but BFN tests.  So off to the Dr today to rule out UTI.  Really hope all is well as a UTI could rune my chances this month!  I hate the 2WW, All the hopes are put on one thing, and then if AF shows up dreams are shattered and you need to start all over again.
Im sorry Stevi  
Allthestars - I did test but of course got a BFN.  Know its still early, only 8DPO.  Will see what happens tomorow?
Allthestars - Yes I suppose I can wait till Sunday, but it is just so darn hard.  i am refusing to face the fact thet i might not make it this month.  So lets just keep positive wibes comming.
Sila - What herbs are you taking.  I have decided to start a more natural diet for me and kids, DH eats fries 4 times a week and nothing is going to change that.
TeamViddy - If it does make you feel ANY better, some people only get a BFP at about 16 DPO.  It just depends on the implantation date.  I dont want to give false hopw, but I also am a bit of a optimist.  Keep us updated!
Sarah - You are not alone.  It is very hard I know, if you want something so desperately you just convince yourself it will happen.  I think that I am there at the moment, 5DPO and so convinced that I MUST be pregnant this time - but to be honest its the only thing thats keeping me sane.  On the up side, and I know you dont want to hear this, but this is your first cycle, and you really got to know your body better.  Did you chart this month? And really sorry about AF.
Allthestars - Ok can we come to some sort of compremise.  I will get outside with the kids today, and go for a long walk on the beach (as soon as this rain clears up).  i have also been on my exersize bike for nearly half hour, so I am positively getting the blood flowing.  Well I want to know If I can please POAS at 7DPO???  My reasoning behind this is that I have 6 tests in my drawer - and if I only test on say 12DPO, and get a BFP (see, Im thinking positive) then I...
Allthestars - I am in desperate need of a cycle buddy to keep telling me not to test.  I am taking prescription tabs.  My energy is still really down, cant convince myself to do anything.   Are there any early testers here?  Who is testing next?
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