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My dd has 20 minutes a night of reading, which can be independent, reading to parent, or parent reading.  She also gets one math worksheet at the beginning of the week due at the end.  It is really not much, especially compared to her 6th grade brother.   Our school district does not do spelling words to be memorized.  They work their spelling into class activities.  
My ds did a neuropsych exam when he was 9.  He did a number of iq tests (ds said they were very boring mini games), answered questions posed by the psychologist, and we (dh, me, and teachers) filled out questionnaires. It took a couple of hours.  Because of this exam, we were able to identify some of ds's strengths and weakness academically, such as dyslexia and adhd.  Some of the questions/iq tests may different for your ds since you are looking at behavior instead of...
Linda, that is great!  Ds has always been so fond of his special ed teachers and I think it is because they are caring and committed to the kids that they work with.  Glad you are able to relate to your students because of your personal experience.  
The misdx goes both ways.  Many inattentive kids are missed by classroom teachers because they are not disruptive; parents are not aware of failings.  I have talked this over with ds's neuro and psych and they say about 50% misdx kids with and without.  This article reflects the intentional misdx with the hopes of changing outcomes through the laziest route possible.  As I see it, the failure here is on the part of the dr.  He is not doing his job.  It is like giving...
My daughter had this and we found that some foods were particular problems for her.  She avoids cooked carrots (can eat some just not a lot), bananas, and dairy.  She also has to have foods foods high in water and hydrating, like grapes, apple, oatmeal, and digestive biscuits.  We tried miralax once after seeing the dr. a couple of years ago, and it was horrid.  She could not control her bowels even with the smallest dose.  Will not give it to her again.  
We got an emersion blender for Christmas, and my ds was excited to make smoothies with it; it is not as expensive as vitamix.  I got some berries in the freezer section and yogurt... will try tomorrow.   
I agree about getting an evaluation, too.  I know it is hard, but try to document different things, so that when you go to the ped or ot, you  can share specific issues that are of concern.  Interestingly enough last night I came across an article that was on NPR about sugar and kids.  It suggested that kids crave and need sugar as part of the growing process in a way that adults do not.  I was surprised.  
Hello,  we just went to one of our  first extracurricular activity with ds (6th grade- middle school) - First LEGO League and it was fun.  Although his group did not score high, it was a great experience.  His team was all 6th graders and their first time.  His coach had 5 teams, but she took time to come compliment us on how much research ds had done and helped his team find info on their topic.     Dd (3rd grade) just did benchmarks for school.  She scored high in...
Thanks Queen of the Meadow for the alternative perspectives.  When I read the original article posted I was left feeling that it was an unfair characterization of the child to be compare him to a murder.  I am bothered by the pervasive view that has been presented of mental illness.  
Glad the mri went smooth, minus the vomiting.  Everything is better when you get staff that cares about the whole family and not just the procedure.   Sometimes it can be a slow process to see the neurologist, but hopefully you have a followup with your ped that ordered the mri?  It would be a good time to follow up about blood test or find out if they need any further tests before your neuro appointment (maybe a ct or eeg).      Hope it keeps going well, and...
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