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When I made the switch to tide I started with tide free and eventually had the stinks and a lot of buildup. It could be the rash is coming from that? I stripped them then went with tide ultra powder and it works great. I find if I rinse them enough my daughter does not get rashes from the tide ultra...in fact, her rashes were worse with tide free because of the other issues, buildup/not getting clean enough.
Love this thread! Thanks for all the great ideas...wish I had more to share!
I also like 7th generation. It is what we use when she's not in cloth :)
I hated my Ergo for hiking but that may be because I am only 5 feet tall and I never felt like it was the best carrier for me for long hikes. No matter how much I adjusted the straps it never felt right on my body and one of my legs would always go numb when using it. I have a Deuter kid comfort II and I LOVE it! It is heavier but I feel like I get a much more secure fit and it holds my daughter up higher and my leg doesn't go numb with it. It is one of very few frame...
Ps- there r NO stupid cd questions! It can be so confusing and it seems there is always something new to learn!
I would skip the newborn size too. I also love Thirsties covers and thirsties bamboo prefolds are AWESOME! I liked hook and loop when my daughter was really small but once she became more mobile I preferred snaps. I found the hook and loops irritated her skin. I have heard the green mtn prefolds are awesome too! Good luck!!
I followed the directions and would LOVE to win an Oak Meadow curriculum! My daughter is a preschooler and ever so eager to learn!!
Tracyamber- Could you tell us who the author of "Montessori Activities for the Home Preschool Years" is please? I'm having a hard time finding that one. Thanks so much for your suggestions!!
Also, I when I'm loading the washer I just empty the wet bag inside out into the washer and don't have to touch a single poopy diaper!
I use a stainless steel step can with lid and it has a plastic bin inside...like your typical stainless trash can does. I put a big Planetwise wet bag inside the plastic bin, just like you would with a trash bag. I have 2 of the wet bags so I always have one to put in the bin when I'm washing diapers. It works fabulously and contains liquids and most smells wonderfully.
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