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We don't have enough homebirth midwives in this area PERIOD, let alone any that I know of that will support a HBAC.  I am just north of Nashville and I am having a UC any day now.  Good luck trying to find one.  Sorry I didn't have any better news for you. 
I am brand new to this forum.  My name is Hannah and I am 18 weeks here with my fourth baby. I am still in all of my regular clothes (albeit they are my bigger jeans that were packed away for post baby), maternity clothes swallow me.
I had gained over a lb a week at my 16 wk visit I was up 19lbs.  I have since lost a little and am back to a 15lb weight gain at 19 wks, but I'm not worried.  If the lb a week continues that is only like a 40 lb total weight gain and that is really normal!
This is my only fear about UCing.  I don't want any hassle in registering my child.  Has anyone else UC'd in TN or dealt with their laws?  I have been researching, but can't find anything for my state.
I am pregnant with my 4th baby and due in Dec though I put very little stock in actual dates.  I have had 3 hospital births.  The first was born at 34 weeks so no matter what I would have gone to the hospital.  He was perfectly healthy, but I did have a ton of intervention out of pure fear.  Second was born at 37 weeks and I went to the hospital bc at the time I was uneducated and afraid of pain, however by the time I got there I was too late for an epi so I had him...
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