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We have birds that build nests all around our house. As SOON as it is built, we get them down. I usually get a pressure washer and do it that way when I know there are no birds in them.
I got a 20. I am completely OK with that. I will not smoke pot or drink with my teenager, nor will I pay for a boob job. Guess I can live with that
Yep. It's kind of like caller ID. I never thought I wanted it, but now that I have it-couldn't live without it!!
She is absolutely beautiful-and perfectly made!
I bought (and sold) many cool things on the old TP. I can't make sense of the new one, so I don't cother at all. I wish we had the old one back, too.
I watched the first one. I hated it. Absolutely LOATHED it. I felt like it minimized the job of a SAHM and it made it seem like the job of a SAHM is insignificant compared to the "dreams" you have before becoming one. I haven't watched again because it made me physically ill. I felt sad for the little 1 1/2 year old whose mommy felt it was more important to chase her "career dream" than to stay home and raise her kids.
I have one! It's www.myfab5.blogspot.com
One dollar. I do like the idea of the god dollar. Maybe she will bring those instead!
One ring. Well, technically two, since it is my engagement and wedding ring, but they are on the same finger, so....
I would think it weird, too. My name is not unique, but if it was, I don't think I would want my brother's wife (assuming I had a brother, lol) walking around with the EXACT same name.
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