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I am mortified by this auction. What a personal and private family moment, and to be auctioned off to a complete stranger is disgusting!
Good for you!! I was wondering too, if you will be a witness?
All 3 of mine were very high. 2 boys, 1 girl!
I LOVE this movie. I heard it was funny so I took the risk and BOUGHT it! I nearly peed my pants it was so funny! "Did anyone see the extra about Kip and LaFaunda's wedding? At first dh and I thought LaFaunda was going to be a transvestite or something...but it turned out to be so sweet" I totally thought she was a dude! And not to be petty, but it's Lafawnduh! That was too hilarious that she spelled her name like that! Gotta love kree8tiv spellings!
I keep my pb in the cupboard, but my syrup in the fridge. We have ants otherwise. I am sorry you had some things spoil. My 9 yr old is ALWAYS leaving the refridgerator open. It is SO annoying!
I think I am in there, but no one is talking so I must not be doing it right!
I have a couple, but they are top secret and I am not willing to share Just kidding! This s a fave. You can check on negative and neutral feedback by ebay users here. http://www.toolhaus.org/cgi-bin/negs...rn=Received+by And here http://fatfingers.co.uk/Default.aspx you can type in a word like gymboree for example and it will check all the possible misspellings on ebay. It's awesome! Can you tell I am an ebay addict?
I think areound 3600.00. We bought it 3 years ago (in California) for 269K. It is now valued at 550K. Wowzas!
Just 5 candles.
Quote: Originally Posted by jessikate If you go back and read the update on the first post of that thread, it says that she got hold of the store manager finally. The employee who asked her to go nurse in the bathroom has been fired. Apparently this wasn't the first time she'd made inappropriate comments to customers. I just read this! Wonderful news! She was so out of line, but now I am feeling better about it, and thinking I dont need to...
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