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Over. Absolutely over. Dh tries to hang it under and I get so irritated! I, too, will change it at other people's houses. It makes me that crazy. At home, to avoid arguments, I don't use the roll at all; I just prop the new one on top of the empty carboard. THAT drived DH nuts!!
Mine is Jean. It is a very common MN too.
Yes, we are planning on adopting in a couple years if money permits.
I only watched about 30 seconds. I couldn't continue. I don't know how God feels about the USA, but I am fairly certain that He is extremely saddened by this family.
I am officially nuts. Rooney Doodle is HOT! Moe Doodle isn't bad, either.:
I was banned, I think. But only one time
So, when does the "banning" take effect?
Gosh, I am really sorry you have all been banned. That must be terrible for you! laughup
It's understandable that you are exhausted. But, he doesn't really understand what's going on. Maybe when you get a half hour to relax, you can cut it to 25 minutes and take the other 5 minutes to dance with your baby? I bet he'd love it!
Wow, that was really rude. I think the cousin should call also.
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