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Gorgeous baby girl!!!!!
That is fantastic news!!!!!! I agree about the possibility of gut/allergy issues from abx. It's too bad this cant be posted somewhere so the rest of the world can learn about it. Darn mainstream medecine.....
Unless I am overdue...I won't be doing anything out of the ordinary.  I will be making sure that I walk for exercise and have sex though--but that is only b/c it's a natural part of life that naturally helps labor arrive when it is supposed to start.  I tried bringing on labor for weeks with baby #1 and it resulted in 3 weeks of prodromal labor...  LOL
I agree-- there seems to be a lot of fast labors.  My philosophy is that Mothering mothers are more in touch with their bodies, more calm during early labor, and don't neccesarily count early labor (the 2 days of "maybe this is it" cx's) as labor.   Who knows.  :)   I konw that I had 8 hour labors both times, so I am counting on that this time.  I know that b/c I am not using interventions unless medically necessary, that my body will do what needs to be done (at...
Hello everyone!    Vegan-- so happy that your baby is latching on well!!  Cannot wait to see pictures!!   Pregnova-- so glad that baby has waiting to come so that you can get better!!  I have been terrified of cold/flu season+last few weeks of pregnancy....  I hope all of you get better soon!!   Zubeldia-- hope you're continuing to regain your strength from bedrest-- I'm sure you'll be running as soon as you can!!  :)  I know that I will be.   Hoping all...
Thank you!!  My mom is pretty amazing at knitting too- but you wowed her too!!  Especially the dress you made for yourself-- it looks like something out of JCrew!  I so wish I knew how to do that!!  :)
Angel- my mom is a knitter too- so I showed her these pictures and she is dying for the pattern of the pumpkin hat and the matching hat and booties. Did you use a pattern?
WOW!!!!! Angel- are you a professional? Seriously- everything you just posted is professional.
WOW!! You know my hormones are raging when I find myself crying over someone's birth that i've never met!! Tears of happiness of course. Welcom to the world Baby Aria! Feel better soon Cindy!
What an inspiring post Boston. I needed to hear that after sleeping for 4 hours last night. I had been feeling great until this morning, but I am going to focus on taking care of myself today and cocooning myself in this moment like you mentioned. By the way...they don't call it a babymoon for nothing....having a newborn is amazing!!! You just have to be willing to adjust and realize the sleeplessness will eventually pass! Don't listen to those mainstreamers. . HA
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