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I am a side sleeper, so I don't have that to worry about BUT my hips ache the longer I stay on 1 side, so I flip a lot at night which often wakes me. I wake once a night to pee too.....but I feel rested so far. I haven't felt too nervous about labor, but I found the more I read the more nervous I get. I actually stopped reading Ina May's book bc it was increasing my anxiety. I could have just been moody that week. I like reading the birth stories on other mothering...
Very interesting!!! Can't wait to try the theory out!!!!
Hi Melanie!!   I am pregnant with our 3rd BOY!!  We live in Virginia too!!  This is a great site with tons of support and encouragement!!   
So happy that it is gone!!!!!  Sorry about the OB drama.... if you're not comfortable with him/her---- then switch!!!
Bostonmummy-- I also found that not getting enough sleep caused chronic headaches.  I don't know what to suggest in terms of balancing your need for water and your need for sleep (and not waking up to pee all night long). In addition, increasing my calories have helped with headaches as well.  I have found that if I don't eat a small healthy meal/snack every 2-3 hours, then I get chronic headaches.  If they continue, I would definitly talk to your care provider to find...
Bostonmummy-- making our bedroom cold also helped. If it's a cool night, we put a fan in the window...if not we turn the a/c on. It is so cold in the room, that it is almost miserable...but it helped!!!
Bostonmummy--- thanks!! I just don't talk about all the stressful stuff...trust me, it's there!! I actually spent all day tearing up over several things. One is my work situation...I think I will resign from my job to stay at home (and find a position with very little hours), but I love my job and it is stressing me out!!!!! :-/
I have been feeling regular movement as well. I love it!!!! Even with #3, it is still so exciting!!!! when he is really active at work thou, I can't concentrate on anything but the movement and I can't stop myself from putting my hand on the movement. It's wonderfully addictive! I missed prenatal yoga last week and was not able to walk as much due to nightly obligations for a variety of things....and I was really feeling it this past weekend. I went shopping for some...
WOW!!  This is amazing and makes my pregnancy hormones go wild... so now I am crying tears of happiness.  I have a long standing desire to adopt children.  Recently, I read the book "Kisses from Katie"-- about a very successful high school senior who moved to Uganda to care for orphaned children.  She has inspired me to adopt children from Uganda-- I have started the research process as we speak.    
I am so excited bc for the first time in all my births....I have a fairly good situation. My dad and his wife live 45 minutes away so they will be on call for our older 2. I asked my sister to be with me at my birth and she surprised me by taking a doula certification class!!! My mom is another story....I love her, but she is very loud, opinionated, and bossy. She was at awful at our 1st birth Last time she lived closer to me so I asked her to take care of our son. ...
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