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How extremely exciting!!!!!!! I have 2 boys as well, so I can related to your excitement. I am pretty sure that we will be having boy number 3.... And I love my boys soooo much so it is very exciting. BUT, there is a part of me that feels desperate for daughter....I despise feeling that way. More than anything, though, I just want a happy, healthy baby.... We find out next Wednesday as long as the baby cooperates!!!!
We bought our big items....we only got small things like clothes, soaps, blankets, bibs, etc.... I like showers to celebrate the baby; I could never count on others to get what we really needed. My MIL bought us a bunch of big items so that was really nice, but it they weren't items we picked out. That was OK though! I hope we have some sort of party to celebrate our baby, but I have almost everything we need unless we ave a girl....then I'll need clothes.
I loved the ergo but didn't find out about it until my 2nd was over age 1. I liked the moby, but could not seem to get it tight enough to feel secure....and my 2 last babies were born in warmer months and it was too hot to keep it on all the time. My sister swaddled her baby and used the swaddling to keep her safe in the ergo. I'll buy the infant insert most likely.... I need to try some out once the baby is born...hoping that is possible! Excited for a fall...
Go!!!!! How fun to see your classmates at almost 9 months preggers!!!! Granted, you might change your mind then, depending on how you feel, but I think you should plan to go!!!! Definitly plan to spend the night though....6 hours in 1 day might be too much!
I wrote a list a long time ago bc I am so excited and somewhat neurotic!!! Lol I am switching our master br to the guest br bc the guest is really supposed to be the master since it is downstairs and had its own bathroom. The nursery will be upstairs...but baby will be in our room for a long time anyway. Then I have to make baby wipes and sort clothes etc....
WOW!!! So excited to hear so many mommas with good advice!!! I have 10 trillion receiVing blankets so that sounds like a great idea for me!!! I am so excited to start!!! How many did you have in your supply??
I was reading birth stories on the April and May 2012 site (These are very inspiring and exciting to read by the way) and someone had posted info about homemade baby wipes.  I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this.  If so-- what did you use as the solution and what did you use as the wipe?   Thanks!!
WOW!~  Happy birthday and happy mother's day!!  What a cool combination!! 
I love my prenatal yoga class so far!!  I am so excited b/c this is the 1st time I have been pregnant and living somewhere that prenatal yoga classes are a reality!  I had no idea it would be such a workout!  I am doing well with my goal to walk 60 minutes every other day and then on the off days I either walk 30 min or do the yoga at home.  I found a great yoga station on Pandora and it is very relaxing to do in the evening.   I tend to excercise after dinner once...
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