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I agree!!  When I realized I was 17 weeks Friday...it felt further along than any of the other weeks for some reason!  I think b/c it's closer to 20!  I have been dealing with some pregnancy paranoia...and haven't been buying anything or doing much preparation (I think b/c I spotted on an off for the 1st 10 weeks and b/c we tried to get pregnant for so long with this baby....)...but the further along I get the better I feel.  I actually bought one small item at Target...
I was a nervous wreck with number 2. This time around I'm better....but not 100%. Unfortunately I am a natural worrier. I hate that!!! My faith is the only thing that keeps me sane....a lot of prayer and meditation.
If she knows where you stand on circing, but she still invited you, then I would consider it a compliment.  She must really think highly of you and want you there despite your views.  I would give a card congratulating her on the birth of her child and maybe a gift-- if that is something you would do for her as a new mother, but that is just my opinion.  You don't have to mention the bris in the card.  I don't circ either, but I am still tolerant of other people's...
Organic strawberries, watermelon, pineapples, alone or in fruit salad. Crave sweets constantly...have to keep them out of the house bc I hv little control...although have found medjool dates help.
Oh-- i forgot....doesn't matter to me ahout the edd list. I'll probably put it in my signature!
We are excited to find out....I have thought waiting bc that sounds exciting....but i found out with our 1st 2 and that feels most natural to me. May 30 is the big 20 week u/s for us!!!
Welcome!!  This is such an exciting time.  I absolutely LOVE it!!!
Angelrum-- thank you so much!!  I learned to sew from my mom too.  But, she lives 3 hours away and when we get together we never seem to find the time for sewing.  I think I'll do best by diving in and seeing what happens.  I am gonig to look at that knitting website!!!!
How exciting and I love HER name!!!!!!  
I need some suggestions.  I have some experience with sewing, but not much.  I really want to start sewing/knitting, but don't know where to start.  I don't want to pay to take a class b/c I'm already paying for prenantal yoga and I don't want another class to go to now.  Are there any good resources on the internet???   In the meantime, I purchased some small pieces of material that I want to make into a small blanket.  The colors are great for autumn....  I was...
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