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OkiMom-- I think that might be the case with us.  When I think about a lot of the extra money we spend now- it's mainly going out to eat and buying expensive convenience foods b/c we are so busy and buying items I know I could probably get cheaper, but don't have the time to shop around...  I just keep thinking that I'll have more time to do things that will save money so we do have extra money for things we "want", but don't need.  The only funny thing about this entire...
I was so nervous to tell people b/c I am 35 and have a 5 and 9 year old (almost 6 and 10).  I knew our family would be excited b/c they knew we were trying for so long, but there were others that I thought would say things like "better you than me"--one friend in particular0- but I was shocked at how excited she was!!  She even said "I'm so excited I could cry"....  !!  I have been so happy with the responses- and relieved with the support! 
Thank you!!  I will look for that book!!  I keep 2nd guessing myself bc I have a good job now...  Or I think of the possibility of working just a little bit....  I wish my mind would relax!!!
I, too, am experiencing increased symptoms as well and I' ll be 12 weeks in 2 days! After spotting for awhike though, I am thankful for the symptoms, but thet doesn't mean I'm not a little grumpy! I feel so much more excited after my ultrasound, bc I was partially convinced I was miscarrying
Welcome!!! We waited a year and a half for our little pumpkin too!! It's so much more exciting after having waited and waited for me!!
I want a swing again. I had 1 with our 1st, but I lent it to someone who broke it. Then with our 2nd I was convinced I didn't need baby gear crowding the house. So, this time I will buy one!!
Thank you so much for your support!!! We have a detailed budget now...we moved to another state about 5 months ago so we mapped out every penny. So, I know what it will mean... I am excited despite the tight budget!!
Thanks for the encouragement!!!!! Coming from a mom who has worked part-time, there are so many stressors with that decision too!!! There is never enough time to get any house work completely done...and it is horrifying to go to work after having woken up every 2 hours.... I am looking forward to so much!!!! I know it won't be bliss, but aI am SO ready for a change!! And taking a break from my career will be good for me.
So very, very sorry. Words do not describe the sorrow I feel for you....
I know it's not a decision I'll regret....but I've always worked part-time as a speech pathologist. I'm mainly concerned about the budget cut we'll take unless DH gets a big raise. I love shopping, going on vacation, etc.... I just won't be able to do it as often.... I need to start couponing.... Any positive thoughts would be great!!
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