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I am keeping my pregnancy a secret for a little longer, although not sure how much longer I can hide this belly....Pregnancy #3 is shocking in terms of how early you pop!!! Still in shock over that.... I have been struggling with wearing my pants half unbuttoned all day at work... That is not fun b/c they keep falling down We moved about 5 months ago and a lot of my maternity clothes are still in a another state and a lot are in Oregon with my sister. I will be going...
Do they still sell the pants with the narrow below the belly waist??? Those are great for 1st tri. All my maternity clothes are in storage in another state :/ Planning a trip there over our spring break the 1st week of April. I am soo uncomfortable by the end of the day.....
Okimom- i bought prenatal gummies at walmart when i was having that problem!!
That sounds a lot like whatI am experiencing......it's nerve wrecking. I didn't experience this with my other 2... Thanks for sharing...it helps to not be alone!!
I have spotted miniscule amounts several times. Pinpoint sizes the 1st 2 times, but today it was a tiny bit more. I know this can be normal, but just wondering if anyone else had experienced it??? I'm not very nervous, and am peace with whatever happens.... Just wondered if I was alone in this.
I just ordered the "easy to swallow" vitamins. I cannot take horse pills...have a slight phobia of choking....
I haven't considered buying anything yet. I'm still in shock that I am pregnant!!!! I was browsing the baby aisle at Target the other day and felt butterflies of excitement though!!!! I probably won't buy anything until the 2nd trimester though. I will need a new bassinet and a new crib mattress. I never was able to cosleep with my babies....too nervous.
I still have a lot of baby gear, although I will have to get a new carrier. I had an Ergo, but lent it to someone who put it in their garage and mold grew on it!!! Nasty! I think that is most essential for me (other than obvious things like a carseat)...
Probiotics!!! Works for me!
I'm glad I'm not the only one!!  I'm surprised that I haven't.  I think it just means the begining of appointments that I have to make, money that it going to have to be paid, listening to people tell me things I already know.  I'm also still in shock that I am expecting!!  We tried for 1 1/2 yrs and I just assumed it wasn't going to happen.  I still have to pinch myself....  :)
New Posts  All Forums: